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and the words just flowed out...
i didnt make an effort..
it just came to me..
what i felt bout u....
how i felt the situation was..
and how u were dealing with it
its beautiful, coz it was pure...
No atrificiallity
No afterthoughts
its pure fellings engraved in words
can only be unlocked by one person reading it...
that person was u...
no one else would understand its intensity
no one else will understand
to them its a string of pretty words, that flow in a pattern ,
just a poetry
it just happens
not by delibrate effort
not by thought
just a feeling
just an emotion
the gleee of talking to one person,
the only person who can bring that happiness to me...
This was wierd... I was speakin to my dear friend, I was explaining her, how and why i wrote her poetry.. and she found poetry in what i was saying.. She just copy pasted what i was talking to her on the chat.. and sent this back to me..
She only cut out what she was saying.. this was what i was 'talking(chatting)' to her.
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July 30, 2005
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