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How can I forget thy sweet touch?
An innocent soulís gentle brush,
Smile of a lovely angleís glee,
Spirit of woman in thy scent.

Innocent smile of a child.
A smile untouched by filth.
God himself cannot help but watch,
Mesmerised by his own creation.

Flames of her anger,
Burn from the fires of hell,
With her fury eyes,
Burning your very soul

Her beauty is not skin deep,
Her love cannot be seen,
Her pains cannot be felt,
Her misery will not be spelt.

Love her not,
For she is so pure,
She cannot pained,
She cannot be tied.
Its 2:45 AM and Im sleepless.
A notion that popped from the infinite reaches of a tiny mass of grey stuff.

Though its no one in particular, its inspired by the memories and feelings that accumulated over a long long time.
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February 19, 2007
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