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I know a girl...Beautiful and sweet,
True to her heart, a halo around her head.
Everyday she gets up, Prepare for a new battle,
Sometimes she labours,yet in the end its not fair.
She knows life is a bitch,and it will bite,
Still she starts her day with a smile on her face,
Her innocence untouched, her faith unshaken.
Her love vast ,her spirit undefeated.
She is the one, everyone wants to be,
Yet she is the only one, who can ever be.
All the stuff i've written for her...
This one was written for her when she was low.. Written it long back.
Now that we are no longer in speaking terms, thought i will publish this.
No she wasnt my girlfriend. But i loved her verymuch.
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Submitted on
July 24, 2005
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